E.R.A. R12B


E.R.A. R12B

YES … I have gone slightly mad but this beaut little over half sized hand built copy of a 1930’s British made ‘English Racing Automobile’ (ERA) cropped up and I couldn’t resist buying it although I don’t even fit in it … it just looks great from every angle!

Powered by an electric scooter motor and drive train and is operated by a hand controls. It could probably exceed 20 -25kph but we are just proud to have it in our race car workshop on display to remind us all of the past.

There are still 3 or 4 ERA’s still racing in England especially at Goodwood and those who can remember will no doubt associate with Prince Bira (Birabongse) of Siam (now Thailand) who raced three ERAs during his extensive late 1930’s racing career … but ERA’s Romulus and Remus were the most notable … so for details check the TWO links below:

Front view

Steering Wheel

View on stand

E.R.A. R12B view from above


I also draw your attention to https://autowise.com/30-awesome-cars-that-arent-quite-full-scale/ and it is my belief these little replica’s will become even more sought after worldwide than they already are now.

But of course there is always someone who wants one of these ‘’toys’’ more than someone else so if you want our ERA … you must sharpen your pencil and make a VERY sensible offer … or we will keep it and enjoy looking at it taking pride in our workshop amongst our other ‘’interesting’’ historic racing cars.



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