1964 - SOLD NEW IN SYDNEY as rare 997cc (long stroke) Morris Cooper to Mr & Mrs John Williams of Hurstville (NSW) by Vaughan & Lane BMC Dealers on 24.09.64. The owners handbook and service books are still with the car and I am the second owner of the car.

I purchased the car in 1981 with 77,000 miles on speedometer now showing just over 85,000 miles as it was an exact copy of my Group N (Appendix J) Cooper S that I was racing at the time and used to enjoy driving it to race meetings which fooled a few people who thought it was my race car which we transported separately by trailer.

When I sold my racing car in I had a lot of very good spares left over which when we restored/rebuilt this car I transferred many of these into this car where they remain to this day but I never raced it.

The car is now in EXACT 1964 (English) single fuel  tank, rubber cone suspension Cooper S specification with optional heater right down to the last nut and bolt and the original complete engine etc also available (see below).

NOW IN ABSOLUTE MINT condition after bare metal re-spray and specification is includes correct UK guages, split roof headlining, plastic window catches, heater, trim, chrome window surrounds, single fuel tank (2nd tank optional in UK) etc. These specifications are result of my very extensive knowledge and experience with Cooper S’s both here and when I was in the UK in the mid 1960's (and I owned one too!) and many others over many years.

These days the car is garaged under a dust proof cover and only driven periodically and is registered NSW to September 2011.



Bare metal re-spray in dark British Racing Green & white roof light green/grey interior re-trimmed with excellent UK trim and even includes correct sun visors, two piece hood lining, English instruments, English wiring loom with park lights in winkers, plastic window catches with correct window channels and so many more authentic period inclusions including “teardrop” water channels in roof and wide number plate holder on boot & laminated windscreen ... all 100% correct.

Genuine era Paddy Hopkirk throttle pedal and drivers seat, 0 - 10,000 RPM Smiths rev counter, period Moto Lita 13" wood rimmed steering wheel, half cage alloy roll cage and extra  separate under dash capillary water temperature gauge (just in case) and even the central mounted interior roof light works.


1340 cc Cooper S Mk 2 cyl block totally rebuilt by Don Holland ... maybe 1,000 miles since.

Cylinder head mildly ported for pair x inch & half SU’s fully reconditioned. Race exhaust extractors (muffler exits LHS rear) and a 13 row oil cooler.

Camshaft is “731 grind” by Wade Camshafts (Melbourne)  - best road and rally specification with offset roller rockers.

Fully balanced and blueprinted bottom end/rods/pistons with lightened flywheel and competition clutch.

Hepolite pistons (dished) approx 9.8:1 compression ratio only requires 98 octane fuel producing an estimated  95 + bhp - lights up the front tyres if necessary.

Straight cut close ratio gearbox new with rebuild includes standard 3.4:1 diff ratio ideal for road use.


Competition ride height adjustable rubber cone suspension with new SPAX adjustable shock absorbers front and rear. Front wishbones and caster arms are also fully adjustable for caster/camber. Sub frames are both black and powder coated.

Cooper S front disc brakes (without servo) in accordance with UK specs.

Rear brakes Cooper S with Minifin alloy drums and spacers.

Wheels are exact Minilite replica 5" x 10" Performance mags and unmarked with Dunlop Zera tyres.


Plus a multitude of other little bits and pieces to numerous to list after being associated with Mini’s most of my life .. both on and off the track.


This little car can be either a Morris or Austin as I have spare grilles/painted badged boot lids/painted badged bonnets/and badged rocker covers for either. I also even have a set of English ID plates to be naughty. Currently it is an AUSTIN COOPER S.

Car is absolutely 100%  IMMACULATE ... drives brilliantly and there is absolutely NOTHING TO SPEND and I defy anyone to not agree it is exact and correct in1964 it’s UK either Austin/Morris Cooper S specification.

THANK YOU  for enjoying my great  little car with me and I might be persuaded to sell it but only with the above spares which are no use to me otherwise ... but please only realistic enquiries (with money) or I will keep it for another 20 or so years or give it to my son!!






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