Appendix J (group Nb) - race car

Acquired recently from Danny Berry from Taree NSW in early 2022 as a ‘’full race spec’’ Group N (Appendix J) historic racing car complete with CAMS log books etc.011.



Mechanical specifications include a 1293cc – 140+ bhp engine with DCOE Weber side draft carburettor , Russell race camshaft and cyl head, roller rockers, straight cut gears etc and also included a straight cut close ratio (dog) gearbox/LSD etc.


Built up from an early Cooper shell to UK Mini spec with a fully welded roll cage … also seam welded and lightened where legally possible but according to the regulations must be fully trimmed and only the front seats can be changed.


Adjustable (one way) gas shock absorbers, competition rubber cone suspension with adjustable cambers, ride heights and castors etc.


Minilite (Armstrong) replica spoked alloy 5.5’’ wheels with Hoosier tyres.


Built a few years ago by Danny Berry who is a panel beater and the mechanical work mainly done by John Masala from Wingham who for many years worked for us until a few years ago until he received some good fortune through inheritance?


We had a test day 3 x months ago (just after we had bought the car) at Wakefield Park and sadly the engine expired after 22 laps so we removed it and currently as at April 2022 it is with Mini guru – Graham Russell for a full rebuild and update as it appears many of the engine parts were worn out or incorrect so our expectations are high when it is installed back in the car after an expensive rebuild shortly.

Our disappointment however with John and Danny prevails as the engine was basically a ‘’dud’’ and many of the parts had been swapped out it seems for another project … or maybe not and we will never know … it is possible they just got out of their depth mechanically but nevertheless it will soon be very competitive with a Russell built engine and Tom driving it at the smaller race meetings which we are looking forward to so watch https://www.facebook.com/TomTweedieMotorsport for further updates.


We have always been involved in Cooper S road and race cars (see our other webpages) so when the opportunity came up to buy this car we didn’t hesitate.

In 2016 when the car had just been built and was BRAND NEW and totally untried or sorted … Danny invited Tom to race it at an Eastern Creek open race meeting (Muscle Car Masters) amongst a heap (or should I call it ‘’herd’’) of racing Mini’s and Mustangs etc but due to serious mechanical problems the car never got past qualifying when there were some major issues which ended the weekend for Tom.

However before all this he managed to qualify 4th outright in a field of seasoned Appendix J (Nb) cars and drivers in a brand new unsorted car so perhaps when the opportunity to buy the car came up … we saw this as ‘’unfinished business’’ so the temptation was simply too great!

I have attached the qualifying results sheet from 2016 which speaks for Itself … most satisfying!


You will note on NatSoft there were actually 43 cars that qualified so Tomís 4th place was a great reward and most encouraging for the future.

You might like to click onto this link to see the weekends group Nb race (without Tom) Ö https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fhZriSfADM

ALSO elsewhere in this webpage you will see pics etc of the Miniís this family has raced or owned Ö and they are still as popular as they ever were although parts are becoming hard to get especially due to Covid where re-manufacturing has slowed down considerable Ö so watch this space or Tomís Facebook for further updates


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