(Updated September 2019)

I have tripped over most of these items in many cases for many years to no avail and cannot see any sensible reason not to turn them into CASH  for Tom’s racing future see   so as result I have documented these parts and I am offering them at suggested prices … not to insult anyone and I won’t become a millionaire as result but hope you can do more with them than I can at present?

REALISTIC and SENSIBLE PRICES we need to keep Tom racing!

HOLDEN V8 F5000 spec race engine (ex Elfin MS7 - below)

Elfin MS7

PAIR of MINI COOPER S WHEELS Very popular ROH Contessa 10" x 5" alloy wheels in good condition (see below) ... $250 the pair

Alloy Mini wheels

MORRIS COOPER S and Mini 850 grilles (both used) but straight $150 each

Morris Cooper S front grille


Mustang parts

BRAND NEW GETRAG set of 5 HELICAL (DOG) race gear ratios - suit 5 speed Group A race car (Sierra/Commodore/Nissan) or similar:

USED RACE TYRES - Assorted slicks 13''- 15'' F5000 tyres front and rear - cheap!

TILTON INTERNAL CLUTCH SLAVE CYLINDER - Hydraulic release bearing part no 61-300 ... suit most modern V8 Supercars and some Group A&C touring cars from the 1980's- 1990's plus selected open wheeler race cars fully recon new sleeve/seal/hydraulic lines plus spare new seal .. ABSOLUTE BARGAIN LESS THAN HALF PRICE - $450

REV COUNTERS - tacho's mechanical drive and electronic (Smiths) and others suit historic race cars - offers

DORIAN LAP TIMING - CAR TRANSPONDER- early block type Data 1 in original cardboard box with charger etc but probably needs a new battery note 7014 note our number - $250


EARLY JAGUAR TOOL KIT- complete and I suggest from early car in black plastic box ... very similar to below, rare and collectable especially for a fussy early Jaguar owner - $100

Jaguar tool kit

JAGUAR TEMPERATURE/OIL PRESSURE COMBINED GAUGE - Smiths black face circa 1950's water temp/oil pressure capillary gauge - $100

JAGUAR OIL PRESSURE GUAGE Smiths black face probably Mk V or thereabouts - $70

JAGUAR 15'' WHEELS AND TYRES set of 4 chrome rimmed steel wheels (see below) with clever aluminium faceplates they resemble Jaguar D Type Dunlop wheels - $800 ono he lot

Jaguar wheels


Austin Healey BN1

MOTO-LITA leather bound 3 x spoke steering wheel (see Healey above) in good condition - $225


SU CARBURETORS - Assorted 1 1/4'' and 1 1/2'' plus single inlet manifolds - offers from $25 each

SU Carburetors

RACE PIT COUNTER BOOM Aluminium frame with steel base to support all pit air equipment hoses etc ... $450

SCALEXTRIC CARS & TRACKS - Two large suitcases full of many famous old & new race cars & multiple track options plus all electrics etc not used for many years (Tom grown up) so - beer money $300


OLD CAR MAGAZINES - large selection going back 30 or 40 years including all the popular Australian and UK publications plus many copies of Racing Car News (RCN). I have these at home and they have filled a lot of cupboard space so if anyone is interested please contact me they are stacked chronologically by year etc so won't be so hard and I have no idea of their value so open to realistic offers

Racing Car News

PORSCHE 911S ENGINE PARTS... we all know Porsche parts new are expensive these are seriously cheap!

Porsche conrods Porsche oil pump Porsche air cleaners

PAYMENT TERMS and conditions:

PO Box 270
Hunters Hill NSW 2110

M: 0408 162 762 (daytime)
F: (Tom's Facebook)

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