1960 GEMINI Mk II - Formula Junior (FJ)


SOLD Nov 2013 to Max Pegram

FOR SALE : It is not easy or much fun to offer for sale a car that I would like to keep because it is probably one of the only rare front engined FJ's in Australia and is SO PRETTY as it is indicative of other cars of the era such as Maserati 250F, Vanwall, Super Squalo Ferrari and others that all had that "same look" with a large tail section and similar profile. That is predominantly why I bought it as it reminded me of my boyhood and I simply fell in love with it ... helped of course also by Roger the previous owner's untiring persistence and endless encouragement!!!

I also took into account my personal size as I am a "big" person and it appeared initially that I fitted but when competing at my first race meeting at Wakefield Park in September all was not as it seemed and I had comfort difficulties (won't elaborate) resulting in a pretty average weekend and initiation to Formula Junior topped off on Sat afternoon race when I was starting to come to grips with my uncomfortableness (new word) and the front transfer case seal decided to "shit itself" and so without a spare I parked the car for the rest of the weekend ... now fixed of course and the car is also fully prepared for it's next race meeting wherever.

So after some serious thinking I have decided to offer it FOR SALE at a price that would cover my buying price and new tyres etc since spent ... not to make a profit but so someone else a bit more nimble will continue to enjoy it as it is a delightful little mid field car and so different to all the rear engined jiggers some with their 5 x speed gearboxes etc and it has already been to GOODWOOD by invitation in 2009 and no doubt would be eligible for an invitation again.

Call me .... have a chat and I will be happy to go into further detail BUT I am not going to "give it away" to a bargain hunter and I will make some necessary cockpit adjustments to suit me if not sold I will probably continue to race it sparingly in 2014 ... or let Tom drive it as well.


BORN in 1960 in UK one of a few built by Chequered Flag Company in the outskirts of London who also built many rear engined FJ's as well. This car fortunately uses an 1100 cc - 105E Cosworth based Ford (not a BMC A series like most) and it came to Australia early 1970's and was raced for years by Tony Caldersmith (ex NSW CAMS eligibility chief) then sold to ex pat Englishman Roger Ealand 2009 who also raced it here successfully and at the famous UK Goodwood Revival by invitation in 2009 plus a couple of major NZ Formula Junior events.

Details as follows:

An extremely pretty little front engined jigger and is a rare piece of history especially as Formula Junior is also becoming one of the most popular historic Worldwide categories with full grids everywhere of predominantly rear engined racing cars which make this car even more interesting and unique


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