1955 Austin Healey 100 BN1


CHASSIS NUMBER: BN1227125 – purchased May 2018

After a failed attempt in 2016 to buy a 4 x cyl Healey from one time Austin Healey and Mini racer Don Holland who at the time was undertaking a large restoration on a BN1, it was sold unfinished to the Healey Factory in Melbourne who completed the restoration and offered for sale … but this car pictured below is NOT that car

BN1227125 as purchased by me from the Healey Factory May 2018 (no plates not included)

Don’s car was subsequently offered for sale at $125,000 and two similar cars at this time (2018) were also available for sale from Classic Throttle Shop ($155k) and the Gosford Car Museum ($125k) and all three cars were Carmine red and all had BN2 gearbox updates (4 speed) and front disc brakes fitted which I don’t consider necessary and the early Healey’s 100’s are a touring sports car and are all have overdrive when built which effectively gives the 3 speed gearbox multiple ratio’s.

However I still had a strong desire to own one of these most desirable 1st series 4 x cylinder cars in a condition as close as practical to standard factory specifications as possible so after considerable research I came up with chassis number BN 1227125 in Melbourne which was recorded as built in July 1955 according to the Heritage Certificate and was for sale as traded in at the Healey Factory who are Australia’s leading used Healey dealers who said the car was subject to an earlier restoration but not by them and a few little things required attention … no problem for me.

Mechanically the car is 100% helped by a couple of inconspicuous later specification modifications including transistorised ignition, multi blade cooling fan, ceramic plated exhaust extractors, alternator and a late model Japanese starter motor which is a definite improvement plus a louvered 100M Le Mans spec bonnet with period strap but otherwise the car is factory specification including drum brakes and 3 x speed O/D gearbox and these updates are sensible.

It is my understanding from the Healey Factory the car was a full back to metal respray including underbody etc and a mechanical rebuild approximately fifteen years ago but has done very few miles since then apart from a brief sojourn in Darwin (transported) with long term owner McIntyre it lived most of its time in Melbourne as a weekend pleasure car and I have the same weekend intentions.

I have added a Motolita period steering wheel

BRIEF HISTORY (still researching)

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