Replica of Paddy Hopkirk - Monte Carlo Rallye car

Both our Mini's in our Hornsby workshop

On 21 January 1964 a 'works' Mini Cooper S won the Monte Carlo Rally for the first time. It was the pairing of Northern Ireland's Patrick (“Paddy”) Hopkirk and his co-driver Henry Liddon that pulled off the big surprise, resisting the supposed superiority of significantly more powerful rivals in their small British car. The Mini Coopers returned to the Monte Carlo Rally and won again in 1965 and 1976. Mini Coopers also finished 1st at 1966 Monte but were disqualified for a mix up on spotlight regulations where certain information had not reached the scrutineers or that was the story issues by the French FIA otherwise Mini's would have had FOUR Monte wins!

Rallye Monte Carlo - 1964

OUR CAR - BUILD PARTICULARS and HISTORY - or so the story goes:

Started life as a 1973 rare 997cc long stroke Morris Cooper - upgraded and rebuilt in Australia to UK Austin Cooper S specification in the 1980's by the very talented ex BMC ''works'' competition department mechanic Jim Barrett in Sydney to exact 1960's Monte and Alpine Rally car specifications.

Jim had a wealth of knowledge having served his time with the factory competition department and was mainly responsible for the factory cars when they came to Australia together with Terry Douglas who later became mechanic for me when I raced Mini's in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

Jim did a great job and at one stage on an Australian visit the car was inspected by Rauno Aaltonen the very successful Finnish BMC Works rally driver from that era and he gave his sign of approval by signing the driver's door card an excellent endorsement.

After a few years the car was sold onto Gerald Lee and used for a couple of outback charity rally's and then to Peter Mouser both from Sydney who swapped the SU carbs for a DCOE Weber and added a modified cyl head and camshaft courtesy of Graham Russell Engineering in North Rocks but barely drove it. I bought it off Tim Griffiths in Mosman (Sydney) who also seldom drove it and we have since refurbished the car without changing any of its specifications and I am hoping Jim Barrett can find the time soon to re-visit his old car which again now looks almost as good as it did when he built it years ago.








There are a number of close factory copies around the world for sale in 2020 that can be viewed on Google or YouTube a couple noticed recently in UK asking GBP 49,500 and another in Adelaide asking AUD$67,900 … both of which are similar cars but perhaps only a little more polish and paint has been applied

Also see (if the sitesar still available)

Adelaide car

UK car


Of course we will invite enquiries but at this time it is most unlikely we will sell this rapidly appreciating little car as it doesn’t take up a lot of space nor does it use a lot of fuel and it can keep our other Cooper S company on these cold winter nights … but anything is possible if you ‘’make the right sounds’’ … meantime please enjoy!

Our 1963 Austin Cooper S Rallye car purchased May 2020


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