1971 PORSCHE 911S/T 2.3 
lightweight Coupe

Australian delivered RHD includes Group Nc historic log book

Chassis no: 9111200526      Engine no: 6120261

SOLD October 2012

REMEMBER THE  POPULAR EARLY 1970'S. Upgraded from 1971 911E to European Le Mans lightweight 911ST 2.3 litre specification at great expense by top Sydney Porsche workshop Autohaus Hamilton over nearly 5 years. 911 ST's also featured in Australian Touring Car racing ... worth remembering Brian Foley, Bill Brown and Jim Mc Keown had many racing success with similar cars in the 1970's and this car is entirely CAMS legal and would pass any scrutiny.

SPECIFICATIONS. Current specification is CAMS certified and is eligible for Under 3 litre Group Nc Historic Touring car racing in Australia with around 220 bhp twin plug fuel injected 2.3 litre engine includes all the best internals. Pinned lightweight crankcase, lightweight Pauter conrods, high comp JE pistons, RSR 906 cams, Carrera 3.2 oil pump, gas flowed cyl heads, stainless valves & Vmax valve springs, MSD ignition and a modified close ratio 901 gearbox (with modified Wevo shift kit), limited slip differential, "race" adjustable suspension incl Koni's sway bars F&R and torsion bars etc. The engine and all mechanical components were completely rebuilt 2,000 km ago and futher refined and developed and runs on BP98 Octane pump fuel.

Fibreglass, perspex and lightweight factory panels (car weighs under 1,000 kg) and includes 7 x 15" Minilite style wheels, Momo racing seats with 2 x full harness race seat belts and fully approved role cage. A new stainless (dyno tuned) special twin pipe long primary extractor exhaust was also fitted recently by Autohaus Hamilton with even more performance gains (particularly torque) ... and the gearbox rebuilt with better ratio's at the same time to suit the engine characteristics.

ELIGIBILITY. Totally eligible with Group Nc log book or ideal for Targa Tasmania /Classic Adelaide etc and is ROAD REGISTERED in NSW and surprisingly is quite docile to drive on public roads ... typical Porsche! A very noticeable car believe me ... always getting favourable comments.

FOR SALE. Ideal for beginner doing club days or racing in Nc Touring Cars as it is an easy car to drive fast and is a potential race winner. Thanks to the world's economic downturn some car prices some have suffered although considered temporary some buyers are taking advantage of "snapping up bargains!"  but this is not one of them .. I am not prepared to be insulted but would consider selling this car  so please call me on 0408 162 762 if you are interested.

If I am unsuccessful selling I will keep it and maybe offer it overseas later where prices on early "skinny bumper" Porsche's are still very high . All invoices available - genuine enquiries only.


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