1990 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Turbo Group A

1990 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Turbo Group A

SOLD to UK buyer Oct 2011

Blue & White
Getrag 5 Speed close ratio (manual)
2-litre 4 cylinder – turbocharged – approx 565bhp
Chassis No. RSC 0389

Click here to view Tim Harvey testing this Ford Sierra RS500 Touring Car
at Mallory Park (UK).

OWNERS NOTE. Group A is "bigger than Ben Hur" in Australia as it is now under the Historic umbrella and there are about EIGHT RACE MEETINGS per year where this car is eligible to be raced at and I am reliably informed that the UK is about (or already has) created a similar place for Group A also in historic racing. Ladies and Gentlemen I for one can only see the prices skyrocketing as all cars must withstand total 100% originality and replica's are not even considered.

Full documentation including CAMS Certificate of Description and log book (equivalent to FIA papers) and of course all import taxes have been paid.

SIERRA GENERAL. With the Cosworth RS500 Ford transformed the humble Ford Sierra into a proven race winner, completing 500 in order to homologate the model for 1987. The actual build was outsourced to Aston Martin’s Tickford operation and all 500 cars, based on the three-door Sierra, were sold in the UK.  Under the bonnet Cosworth’s YDB engine had a stronger block, Garrett T31/T04 turbocharger with bigger intercooler and fuel pump, uprated oil and cooling systems and better induction. The model won the 1987 World Touring Car Championship (in fact it proved so dominant the series was cancelled!), no less than 40 straight victories in the BTCC (a record that still stands) plus consecutive wins at Bathurst in 1989-1990.

Andy Rouse

One of Britain’s most successful BTCC drivers, Andy Rouse started racing for the Broadspeed team in the 1970s and helped the team develop and run the works Jaguar XJ12C team for British Leyland in 1976-1977. After setting up Andy Rouse Engineering in 1981, Rouse’s breakthrough came when he was hired by Ford to develop the Sierra XR4Ti into a race car and duly won the BTCC for 1985. Andy Rouse Engineering also built numerous race Sierras for customers, including the Labatt’s team, and the experience gained in developing the model always kept his cars near the front of the grid. Each of his Sierras cost in the region of 80,000 pounds to build and the same again to run for just a single season.

Tim Harvey

A prolific racing driver, Tim Harvey was highly successful in touring car races during the 1980s and 1990s and also competed as a works Spice driver in the World Sportscar Championship, as well as his more recent involvement in the media. Speaking at the 15th anniversary of the Sierra 500 Cosworth event held at Donington, Harvey was quoted as saying "The RS500 is simply the best touring car ever. They had significantly more power than grip, make them very satisfying to drive. Since their demise, touring cars have never been as good."

THIS CAR WAS built by Andy Rouse Engineering and raced with Labatt’s sponsorship by Tim Harvey, this car has a good BTCC history (finishing 7th overall in 1989 and 3rd overall in 1990) and was updated with the Getrag 5 speed gearbox, viscous LSD and more. Unraced since, this is believed to be the only Labatt’s Sierra surviving in original BTCC specification and was part of Martin Johnson’s private collection of ex-race Sierras from 1990 until recently, used only for car shows and track day exhibitions. Arriving in Australia in September 2008, the Sierra has never raced (it was demonstrated at the recent Muscle Car Masters at Eastern Creek) but is fully sorted and logbooked.

With great potential to be a front runner in the burgeoning historic Group A racing scene, either here or Europe, the Sierra is offered for sale in turn-key, race ready condition with a collection of spares (including a set of four BBS rims and parts, a triple plate carbon clutch, a Getrag gearbox specification tailshaft and assorted diff ratios) plus full CAMS papers as outlined above. Check elsewhere if you think this car is expensive ...

... AND effective 17.05.10 I have reduced the price by $35,000 as I INTEND to sell this car to finance my sons V8 Supercar activities.

See www.tomtweedie.com or www.formula3.com.au

UPDATE. Raced at Muscle Car Masters Sept 2010 and qualified 5th on grid of over 50 cars (1st Sierra) with a conservative boost setting.

Sadly a wrong tyre choice in the races hampered any improvement but the car was still 100% reliable.

Car is now re-prepared and ready to race.

FURTHER DETAILS: Robert Tweedie ( Sydney)

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Photos and details courtesy of CTS Auctions – Sydney 2009



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1990 Sierra Cosworth RS500 Turbo Group 'A'
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